Irv Teibel Archive


Teibel’s Music of the Future: Fan Mail and Feedback

Letters flooded into Irv’s Flatiron Building office. Some fans thanked him for subduing their ails or offered suggestions of what to record next. Others questioned the claims on his record jackets. There are eleven pages of listener quotes from just 1977. These people were captains in the army, postal clerks,[…]

Extra Extra! Environments in the News

“Muzak had better watch its step.” This line, followed by a trail of susurrant z’s, is how Newsweek ended its short review of the first environments record. Published on November 10, 1969, just after the LP was released on college campuses, this is the earliest major mention of the series.[…]

B-Side: Syntonic Research, Inc.’s Other Names

Irv Teibel early Syntonic name ideas

What’s in a name? Everything to Irv Teibel. In 1968, as the environments series was in its infancy, Irv began drafting names for an organization to dispense these “instant environments,” as he originally called them. These sounds would be “heard rather than listened to,” harkening back to Erik Satie’s notion[…]


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