Jennifer Ballow

About Jennifer Ballow


Jennifer Ballow (Irv’s Daughter)
President, Syntonic Research

As President and Owner of Syntonic Research, Jennifer Ballow continues to build on the high-quality, ambient nature recordings pioneered by her late father, Irv Tiebel, and the company he originally founded in 1969.

A consummate entrepreneur, Jennifer has worked tirelessly to re-invigorate the record label, honor her father’s legacy, and bring the therapeutic soundscape of nature to more people, in more settings and formats than ever before.

With a background in social work, Jennifer’s professional nirvana is to build a value-centered business focused on healing, wellness, and empowerment that also affords her the flexibility and freedom to create, explore, and experiment. The familial resemblance in her creative drive and curiosity is uncanny. She finds deep, personal satisfaction in helping clients to heal, find inspiration, and lead more fulfilling lives.

A humanitarian to the core, nothing sparks greater joy for Jennifer than empowering people to achieve peace and happiness and realize their full potential, whether in the service of others in need of empathy and inspiration or through the therapeutic harmonies of nature. She is passionate about helping people and works to foster understanding between those who have very different perspectives.

Over the course of her wide and varied career, Jennifer has hit several noteworthy milestones. Most recently, she spearheaded the acquisition of a licensing contract with a national record company. She has also earned a state award for the design and implementation of a sponsorship recruitment program at a large newspaper in Nashville, TN. And she was once selected by a Fortune 500 news organization to participate in a three-year, comprehensive management training program.

A native Austinite, Jennifer holds a master’s degree from University of Texas at Austin, a top social work graduate school that is ranked number five, overall. She is a devoted mother of two girls and, in her spare time, sits on boards of non-profits that help people with disabilities. She enjoys spending time with family, traveling and exploring, and practicing the healing arts, including meditation, gongs, breath work, and yoga.

As a humanitarian and music industry entrepreneur, Jennifer offers a unique perspective when it comes to wellness, therapeutic nature soundscapes, and audio preservation and would welcome the opportunity to speak at your upcoming conference.

Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn: Jennifer Ballow