Irv Teibel Archive


Irv’s work affected many who experienced it. Here’s a collection of colorful media quotes, ranging from newspapers and scholarly journals to a wide variety of consumer and special interest magazines, from the late 60s to today. Hover over quotes for citations. Click to view original articles.

“SONIC TONIC” “College students are tripping over a new stereo LP” “Cheaper than booze, safer than pot” “Fundamentally unlike the various other sound-effect recordings” “The    Pacific    Ocean    may    yet    make    Top    40” “Among the best recordings selections of the year” “Bring the sounds of nature into civilization’s jaded living room” “Wouldn’t Mr. Poe just love it” “Lovely, liberating sounds” “With a flip of the disc, you can change the weather” “UNLIKE ANY OTHER LP EVER RELEASED” “Heighten active dispositions or induce more relaxed ones” “A    WARM    SONIC    BATH” “Teibel’s recordings do more than serve as sonic wallpaper or glorified sound effects” “EXQUISITELY-RECORDED AND PAINSTAKINGLY-PRODUCED” “They could well be the most imaginative use of recorded sound in the 99 1/2-year history of the phonograph” “Waves come splashing out of the speakers” “One of the most distinctive characteristics of the ‘environments’ LPs is their realism” “One of the subtlest things Irv Teibel has discovered is the importance of sequences—one sound following another” “Irv Teibel has gone to extraordinary lengths to record nature” “FUNCTIONAL, LIKE BARS OF SOAP” “A wonderful orchestration of nature’s sounds” “‘Environments’ conjure up images and ideas we seldom bring to mind” “A    SUSURRANT    LULLABY” “Ahead of his time” “An amazingly versatile environmental classic” “Teibel helped create a sonic boom with his recordings of pounding surf, chirping birds and other natural sounds” “Rich, un-narrated ambiences of specific habitats, recorded and reproduced with state-of-the-art stereo technology” “The series ignited a worldwide interest in field recordings” “The craftsmanship… is quite astounding” “The recordings of rain, oceans, crickets and birdsong were more than ‘white noise’—they exposed urbanites to nature” “Extraordinarily soothing” “You’re not supposed to listen”