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New Podcast on Environments and How It All Started

This podcast produced by Robert Barry is very well done and features Dr. Mack Hagood, media professor at Miami University as he discusses the beginnings of the Environments Series and thought process behind creator Irv Teibel’s idea for the recordings. I am also featured as I discuss my knowledge and[…]

Environments mentioned in documentary on New Age music

Hello Friends! Check out this great episode on the history of New Age music. Irv Teibel and Environments are mentioned about 33 minutes in. R J has done a fabulous job of explaining the various historical contributions to the field; I hope you find the documentary as interesting as I[…]

Heartbeat Used In Artistic Dance Performance

View Flesh Being Trailer Here The latest artistic performance that uses environments; Carmen Olsson’s “Flesh Being” — an artistic reseach project ‘Unpredictable Flesh’, led by Malgorzata Zboinska, where the encounter between the mechanical and the human was examined. Zboinska’s research was funded by the Swedish Reseach Council, Vetenskapsrådet. ”While[…]

Environments now for Android!

Android app is almost ready — stay tuned! I know a few folks have been waiting awhile for this version to come out — great that it’s almost here. Watch the promo video for more info!

Growing Up Syntonic

I was recently asked by Numero Group, the wonderful record label that has produced my father’s app, to write an article for their print magazine about growing up with my dad and Syntonic. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, as I have much to share about my dad, including[…]

Irv Teibel Recordings Featured in the New York Times

Hello! Quick update – the New York Times recently ran an article featuring one of my father’s unreleased rainfall recordings in New York City’s urban landscape. This is exciting as one of my father’s dreams was to be featured in the New York Times for a second time. The New[…]

Environments for iOS is finally here

We’re proud to announce that Environments is finally available as a standalone app for your iPhone and iPad. (An Android compatible version is also in development.) This simple and easy to use app features all of Irv Teibel’s original Environments recordings, some in longer versions than ever heard before. All[…]

Healing Sounds

“The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach.” – Henry Beston, writer and naturalist It’s a beautiful sunny day as I sit down to write this article. Despite the[…]

The Bigfoot Connection

One chilly October evening in 1972, in the High Sierras of California, a group waited around a fire for an elusive sound. They had set up camp at 8,500 feet on a forested hillside above a small spring and creek. Fifteen feet uphill, they had taped a Sony TC-126 recorder[…]