Heartbeat Used In Artistic Dance Performance

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The latest artistic performance that uses environments; Carmen Olsson’s “Flesh Being” — an artistic reseach project ‘Unpredictable Flesh’, led by Malgorzata Zboinska, where the encounter between the mechanical and the human was examined. Zboinska’s research was funded by the Swedish Reseach Council, Vetenskapsrådet.

”While digital technology is shaping us more and more,
I am attracted by the body’s challenging mystique.” Carmen Olsson

FLESH BEING by Carmen Olsson

Being – in the flesh

The body is a tool. But that is not all.

The body is a medium between the outer and the inner.

It is the temple of our senses, a place where we need to be at home.

Through the body we can feel, we can smell, taste, hear and see.

It gives us the ability to learn about what surrounds us,

to relate and to collaborate.

Should we wait or keep on moving.

The mind and imagination can leave the body,

but we need to come back again and again.

Carmen Olsson – dance & choreography
Zeppa – costume & artistic advice
Malgorzata Zobrinsk – video projection
Irv Teible – sound

camera – Olle Johansson
edit –


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