Welcome to the corner of the website where we delve more deeply into Irv’s life and work. Here we will explore the stories behind photographs and recordings, feature guest essays and interviews from his contemporaries and artists working today, and keep you updated on what’s on the horizon.

Hopefully you’ve already had a chance to explore the biography and press sections and listen to a few of the recordings. Irv was many things during his lifetime: photographer, recordist, graphic designer, sound designer, company president, expert witness. He brought these skills and a truely DIY attitude to his phenomenally successful environments series of eleven albums and other recordings like the Altered Nixon Speech.

We hope this space interests the long-time environments fan as well as those new to Irv’s work and the cultural forces of the 1960s and 70s that prompted him to realize an idea “whose time had come,” as he often reflected. He hoped these recordings would transcend entertainment for what we might today call “mindfulness.” After his own tests he would invite listener feedback to decide what to release next and whether his recordings had been helpful. We hope you’ll keep in touch and share your thoughts if Irv’s recordings speak to you