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environments 9

  • Release: 1979
  • Label: Syntonic Research
  • Catalog #: SD 66009

Irv always intended to release another ocean recording after the positive reaction to “Psychologically Ultimate Seashore.” Over the years he received feedback for a slower and deeper watery soundscape and that’s exactly what he produced with “Pacific Ocean.” From the notes for Side B: “Imagine a superb, crystal-clear night on a tropical island… A truly idyllic retreat where you can imagine all’s right with the world. It indeed exists, and SR has carefully preserved its serene aural charm with transcendent realism and clarity.”

Album Reviews

environments conjure up images and ideas we seldom bring to mind”

Jack Burke, Stevens Point Daily Journal, 12/30/81

“These records are functional, like bars of soap”

John Sunier, FOCUS, 9/79

“The Pacific Ocean may yet make Top 40”

Herb Caen, San Francisco Chronicle

Track Listing

  • Side A: Pacific Ocean

  • Side B: Caribbean Lagoon