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environments 4

  • Release: 1974
  • Label: Syntonic Research
  • Catalog #: SD 66004

As one of the quintessential storm recordings, it’s interesting to note that “Ultimate Thunderstorm” was captured from Irv’s balcony in Manhattan. The story goes that he had tickets to the theater but decided to skip the performance when he saw an epic storm move in. “Gentle Rain in a Pine Forest” is an extraordinary example of the sound masking properties of rain. It’s one of the most popular recordings in the series and has been featured at the Smithsonian.

Album Reviews

“Among the best recordings selections of the year”

Mike Jahn, CUE, 12/9/74

“With a flip of the disc, you can change the weather”

Playgirl, 5/75

Track Listing

  • Side A: Ultimate Thunderstorm

  • Side B: Gentle Rain in a Pine Forest