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environments 11

  • Release: 1979
  • Label: Syntonic Research
  • Catalog #: SD 66011

environments 11, the final disc in the series, got quite a bit of press. Side A was created to “lower the temperature of any room” through the power of suggestion (i.e. the sounds of a ski chateau). Side B is a counterpoint to “Ultimate Thunderstorm,” though this time Irv actually captured the sounds in the country, as opposed to his city balcony, as you can tell from the farm animals.

Album Reviews

“Teibel helped create a sonic boom with his recordings of pounding surf, chirping birds and other natural sounds”

Steve Levin, Dallas Morning News, 1/12/95

“The craftsmanship which goes into these recordings is quite astounding”

Larry LeBlanc, The Record

Track Listing

  • Side A: Alpine Blizzard

  • Side B: Country Thunderstorm