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environments 10

  • Release: 1979
  • Label: Syntonic Research
  • Catalog #: SD 66010

“English Meadow” was recorded in Wilmington, Sussex in the UK near the famous Long Man of Wilmington drawing. Side B is a bit of a mystery. From the liner notes: “If there is a heartbeat to this earth, it is the sound of insects at night… Unless you are an ardent camper, the chances of your experiencing such sounds in nature would be almost nil. Yet, for millions of years, this is what most of mankind heard almost every night, a comforting nightsong that helped us to sleep and dream.”

Album Reviews

“The environments series is a wonderful orchestration of nature’s sounds”

Gene Pierson, Inner Guide, 8/81

“A susurrant lullaby”

Julie M. Kerns, Austin Magazine, 4/84

Track Listing

  • Side A

    English Meadow

  • Side B

    Night in the Country