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environments 3

  • Release: 1971
  • Label: Syntonic Research
  • Catalog #: SD 66003

Side A features the sounds of the 1969 Easter Be-In in Central Park. Irv called it a “psychoacoustic experience” and it’s an early example of what you could call political sound art. Listen carefully for legendary New York musician David Peel chanting “legalize marijuana.” Side B was recorded late in the afternoon in New Hope, PA in August, 1970. Irv visited this location years later and said a condo had been built nearby. Apparently this soundscape had all but vanished.

Album Reviews

“Fundamentally unlike the various other sound-effect recordings”

Tim Ferris, Rolling Stone, 4/2/72

“These LPs aim to bring the sounds of nature into civilization’s jaded living room”

Newsweek, 2/10/1975

Track Listing

  • Side A: Be-In

  • Side B: Dusk at New Hope, PA